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Trichter Öl - 5551 Neu - Laser By Nr. Teil Liter 1 08424hqzy7754-Home

I’m told Jones was in his mid-50s, and a father. Whose children will now spend the rest of their lives without him.


More information and official confirmation when it becomes available.

This is at least the 43rd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the 17th that I’m aware of in Los Angeles County; it’s also the ninth in the City of Los Angeles.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Jeff Jones and his loved ones.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Patrón De Arte black 345 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize

Thanks to Todd Munson and Patrick Pascal for the heads-up. 


But did he say “On your left?” Or even “On your right,” for that matter?


Fifteen-year old Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Patrón De Flores 2 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES AJ, who dragged him the length of five football fields as he made his escape.

Diaz has endured a half-dozen surgeries just to stay alive after Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Patrón De Hoja De Planta 21 Paisaje Fondo Pansize — with the right-of-way.

And he has a message for the heartless coward who did it.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Patrón De Mármol Popular 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize

Without hesitation he says, “I just wanted to give a message to the person that did this to me… I just wanted to know why you do like what you did. You saw me. You hit me. You knew I was under there.”

“I remember everything,” Diaz says, “From like when I got hit. When I was stuck under there. I was just being dragged. I felt like all my air was being lost.”

Yet remarkably, he forgives his near-killer.Paslode Fuel Cell Framing Nails, 3 Length, Low Carbon Steel, Bright, Coil,

“I forgive him but I also want him to turn himself in,” he says, matter-of-fact.

Police are looking for the driver of a dark-colored four-door Honda, probably with damage to the front end.

Hopefully the standing $25,000 reward will encourage someone to speak up.

The story also notes that a bike race Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Patrón Exquisita De Jade 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansizewill be held this Saturday to raise funds for Diaz.

[Editor’s Note: A bike race is being held Sat. Aug. 24 with donations going to Diaz. Register time: 12:30 p.m., start time 1:30 p.m. Meet up at 35th and Maple. Starting point Jefferson/Maple – Ending point Angels Point]

If anyone has more information about the race, let me know; you’ll find my email on the About page.


Don’t try to ride an e-anything on the campus of San Diego State University, where “electric or motorized dockless scooters, bicycles, roller skates, hoverboards, skateboards and other micromobility devices” Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Patrón Poligonal black 2 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize.

The Luddites at SDSU would probably even ban this one, too.


Before we start, let me offer a quick apology and thank you to anyone who sent in links for today’s post.

As you’ll see below, it’s been a traumatic weekend, and with a few exceptions, I’ve lost track of who may have sent what. 

I’m incredibly grateful to anyone who takes a few minutes out of their busy day to give me a heads up, whether or not my muddled brain manages to keep up. 

Photo by Deniz Anttila from Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Peonía Bambú De Pavo Real 3 Paisaje Fondo Pansize.


Let’s start by debunking a rumor.

According Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Perros De Coche De Calle 23 Paisaje Fondo Pansize, a bike rider was killed by motorist in DTLA last week as a result of a road rage dispute.

Patio Door Handle Set Plated Replacement PD2000CHAMPAGNE-OFFSET

I was walking on 7th today around 10:30am and came across a woman on the side of the street who was clearly having a panic attack. I looked beyond her parked car and there was a man on a bicycle, his head face down on the pavement and blood everywhere. He wasn’t moving. There were no police or authorities on the scene yet. A man next to me said that the bicyclist kicked a car and the car hit him and drove off. He died on contact…Pe Bâton Naturelle pour PLASTIQUE Réparation (30) 0.3dia X 300 Power-Tec Pièce Did anyone else see this? Have any more info? I’m not sure if the woman was panicking because she saw it happen or because she hit him and the kicking story isn’t true. Pretty gnarly to see. I walked on the same corner about 30 minutes later and it was as if nothing happened… all there was left was some blood and a bit of flesh on the pavement. Woof.

Any fatal crash would require the roadway to be closed for several hours as police investigate the crash. Especially if it involved a homicide investigation.

Not just cleaned up and reopened in a matter of minutes, as if nothing ever happened.

But just to be sure, I checked with someone with knowledge of the situation, who said there was an incident at that location, but it didn’t involve a crash. Intentional or otherwise.

And no one was killed.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Piedra De Camino Mar 231 Paisaje Fondo Pansize ES

So let’s be careful spreading rumors. There are enough real tragedies without needlessly, and incorrectly, adding more.

Thanks to Matt Stewart for the tip.


A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says not all protected bike lanes are created even.

And in some cases, aren’t even as safe as a regular painted bike lane.

Compared with a major road with no bike infrastructure, the risk of a crash or fall was much lower on two-way protected bike lanes on bridges or raised from the roadway — for example, within greenways. In contrast, Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Pingüino Dolphin Playa 3 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize than that of a major road.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Pintura Al Óleo De Frutas 3 Paisaje Fondo Pansize

One-way protected bike lanes differed little from major roads in terms of injury risk.

“A cyclist on a protected lane at street level is likely to encounter vehicles at intersections, driveways and alleys morePegions Sunny Day Clouds Peacful Sky Ceiling Wall Mural Wall paper Decal often than on a protected lane enclosed within a bridge or greenway,” says Jessica Cicchino, IIHS vice president for research and the lead author of the new paper. “Pedestrians also sometimes enter street-level bike lanes, which can cause cyclists to swerve and fall.”

On the other hand, a crash in a protected bike lane is less likely to be fatal.

That said, the types of bicyclist crashes seen in street-level protected lanes weren’t the type that are typically most severe. Most fatal bicyclist crashes involving motor vehicles occur midblock, while cyclists in protected bike lanes in the study collided with vehicles most often at intersections or junctions with driveways and alleys. In such cases, vehicles are usually turning and traveling slowly…

“There is evidence that protected bike lanes help prevent the worst crashes,” Cicchino says. “What our study shows is that certain locations are better than others for this type of infrastructure.

So the choice seems to come down to whether you want to prevent crashes, or save lives.

Or just insist on building better bike lanes to begin with.Pennello Ovalino Setola Miscela Setola Naturale Bordeaux Misura 14 S.126 Pz 12

You can Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Pintura Cebra colorida 2 Paisaje Fondo De PansizeThanks to Chris Woodyard for the heads-up.


CiclaValley narrates an inaugural ride along a new segment of the LA Riverfront Greenway in the San Fernando Valley, better known in lower sections as the LA River bike path.


A Boston public radio station traces the long and winding backstory Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Pintura Delfín De Acuario 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize.


I’m afraid yesterday was one of those days I warned about, when the burden of caring for a corgi slowly dying from cancer took a heavy physical and emotional toll.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Plaid De Mariposa Flores 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize

She’ll see the vet over the weekend, at which point we should know more. And we’re preparing ourselves for the possibility that she may not come home with us, though that seems less likely than it did earlier in the week.Period Ribbed Fluted Antique Brass Ivory Ceramic 1 2 Way Dolly Light Switch

As usual, BikinginLA will be back on Monday, and we’ll catch up on anything we may have missed today.

Don’t try this at home.

A New York man was lucky to ride away after Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Puente Atardecer 3 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES AJ in an obscenity-laced tirade.

Even if it was well-deserved.Pet Grille 48 x 30 in. Bronze Steel Expanded Metal Guards Screen Door Accessory

“You guys are putting my life in danger because you are fucking assholes,” the man riding the fancy looking e-bike tells the police.

“You gotta go” one cop mutters.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Ramas De Arbol red 2 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES

“No! I don’t have to do shit! You guys are blocking the bike lane for no fucking reason!” the man responds.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Rocas Creek Bosque 23 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES

“There’s no emergency! Nothing is happening! I’m looking around, there’s no terrorist threat. There’s just you guys jerking off and doing nothing but standing here staring at me. I’m not threatening people’s lives—you are! You are the problem!”

Maybe the officers were showing remarkable restraint because the man was right. Or maybe just because there was a camera running.Phifer 3000016 48X100 CHAR FBRGL SCREEN

But something tells me a black or brown bike rider might have found himself in cuffs for the same thing.

Then again, the NYPD doesn’t seem to grasp the idea behind bike lanes, as a New York cop Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón pink De Flores Campo 212 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize, while insisting it’s illegal to ride a bike on any street without one.

It’s not.

Just like it’s not illegal here in the City of Angels, or anywhere else in the US.


Let’s catch up on a few upcoming bike events.

Besides this Sunday’s CicLAvia, that is, which will be the Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Sol Del Window Sala 2 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES.

If I had a backyard, that is.

Walk Bike Burbank will Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Té De La Tarde De Frutas 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize.

Trichter Öl - 5551 Neu - Laser By Nr. Teil Liter 1 08424hqzy7754-Home

Maybe two times will be the charm this time.

A Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Tierra De blue Universo 24 Paisaje Fondo Pansize in the death of a Sebastopol woman, who was killed while taking part in a 2016 charity ride.

The driver faces a single count of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for either striking the bike rider while driving on the wrong side of the road, or causing her to lose control and fall.

The driver said he thought he had plenty of room to pass a slow moving truck without hitting the pair of bicyclists coming in the opposite direction, and only realized he might have been wrong when the driver’s side mirror fell off his truck.

An investigator for the CHP somehow concluded that there was no evidence of a crash, apparently believing the man’s mirror just happened to fall off the same time he passed the victim.

Sure. Let’s go with that.

An earlier trial ended in a hung jury, leaning 10 – 2 in favor of a conviction.

Apparently most of them didn’t buy it either.Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Tulipanes reds De Moda 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize

Thanks to Sindy Saito for the heads-up.


This is who we share the roads with. Phoenix Contact Stromversorgung UNO-PS 1AC 5DC 25W

As in, one is very bike, transit and environment friendly, and endorsed by both the LA Times and Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Ventana De Pájaro De Mar 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize.

And one isn’t. Which is pretty much all you need to know about the race.

So if you live in Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Vid Flor De Pillar whiteo 3 Paisaje Fondo Pansize, get your ass out there and cast a vote for Loraine Lundquist today.

Because this one is too important to sit out.


Kindhearted people seems to be the theme of the week.

More kindhearted cops, this time from my hometown, where Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Atardecer Dolphin Saltando 3 Paisaje Fondo Pansize, after the one they got as wedding present was stolen, but too damaged to fix once police recovered it.


A London woman is looking for the Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Cueva Del Delfín Del Tiburón 3 Paisaje Fondo Pansize in the Netherlands back in the ’90s.


When kick leads to shove. And kick. And shove…Photo Wall Paper Blossoms Sheets Diamonds Quilted Liwwing No. 3274


No surprise here, as Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Pintura Al Óleo Aristocrat 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize in Long Beach. Anytime there’s a major change to a roadway, you can expect an initial increase in collisions as drivers adjust to the new configuration. Which is why with most pilot projects, the data is only considered meaningful after they’ve been in place for awhile.


A San Diego woman somehow Papel Pintado,Pintado de Diseño,Mármol,Floral,Ornamento,Brillo,Jade ,Kupfergold,.

Instead of fixing the roads, Papier Peint Photo Enfants Ferme Animaux Liwwing Numéro 2668 who suffered serious injuries when her bike hit a pothole, arguing it was her responsibility to avoid it. But it was their responsibility to ensure it wasn’t there in the first place.


Let’s start with bad news from Victorville.Photo Wall Paper Ornaments Flower Dandelion Butterfly Line Liwwing No. 2814

A Papier Peint Photo Ornements Oriental Fleurs Diamant Schörkel Liwwing Numéro 895 when he reportedly tried and failed to beat traffic on a busy highway.

The CHP reported it as a fatal crash; however, San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies were unable to confirm a fatal Victorville crash over the weekend.

We’ll let you know when and if we get more information.Papier Peint Photo Ville Nuit Skyline Lightning Liwwing Numéro 634


Someone should remind our elected officials here in Los Angeles that spending on bicycling infrastructure makes sense.

And dollars.

Lots of dollars.Photo Wall Paper Watercolour Art Flowers Painting Liwwing No. 1766


A letter writer in the Los Angeles Times says a Copenhagen-like level of bicycling may not be practical in the short term, but Paquete de 100 X Bisagras Libro Acero Dorado Eb 25 Mm would get many people out on their bikes.

Which, oddly, is exactly what the city’s bike plan calls for.

Meanwhile, another letter writer says Copenhagen is a great place for bicycling because it’s relatively flat.

Unlike Los Angeles, which is… uh, relatively flat.